Monday, July 21, 2008

Lookee at What I Got!

Well....guess....nope that not it! Guess again......NOPE! That's not it either!! Okay okay I'll tell ya'll. I GOT A GUITAR!!!!!! Oh my gosh! Can you tell that I am excited or what! I have been wanting one for about 2 years so my sweet husband bought me one! I totally don't know how to play but this guitar comes with teaching DVD's to teach you how to play! So far, I have mastered 4 chords! I just have to learn how to change to the chord without stopping! Anyway, check out me and my new guitar! (ignore the pajamas. I just got home from the waterpark and I had to get into my relaxing clothes!)

I promise I am not drunk or stoned in this picture. Stephen just has a bad habit of taking pictures of me when my eyes are half closed!

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