Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nature Walking At Its Best

Yesterday, Becky, a friend from our local homeschool group, called and invited us on a picnic lunch and nature walk. Since we have decided to do Charlotte Mason, I thought this would be great way to spend the afternoon.

After a quick picnic lunch, (because all the kids were so excited), we took off on a stroll through the woods to the nearby river. On the way to the river, the kids found a neat little cave hole. When we got to the river, all the kids took off splashing, even the little ones.

The kids spotted some fish, and tried to capture them.

Their bucket idea to catch the fish didn't work, so Robert came up with a plan to build a dam to trap the fish like Bear does on Man Versus Wild.

Even the little ones got involved in packing rocks to build the dam.

With dam completed, they tried and tried to catch a fish, but the little boogers were just to fast for them all!

After the dam we decided it was time to head home. We hiked back up to the picnic area. Each kid ripped off wet socks and shoes. Robert realized he had a million deer ticks on his ankle! We scraped them all off and decided that this was a great afternoon!

Oh and the kids woke up this morning with ankles broke out in a rash from the deer tick bites, so I think that we are gonna visit the doc today just to be on the safe side! It was a great day!

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