Monday, August 18, 2008

What Are We Doing With Those Eyes and Ears?

The Lord said to me: "Son of man, pay attention; look with your eyes and listen with your ears to everything I tell you about all the statutes and laws of the Lord's temple. Take careful note of the entrance of the temple along with all the exits of the sanctuary."~~~~~Ezekiel 44:5

This morning as I sat reading Ezekiel, God began speaking to my heart about my eyes and my ears, as well as the entrance of my temple and also the exits. What God showed me this morning literally blew me away!

As I was reading, I could hear Him whisper...stop...look...listen....heed. What He was sharing with me was to look not with my physical eyes, but with my spiritual eyes, and not to listen with my physical ears, but to listen with my spiritual ears. When I look and listen with my spiritual eyes and ears, I hear more of what God wants me to hear and I see as He would see. Stop.....look.....listen.....heed.

As I read the last part of this verse, I began to understand what God was wanting me to see. You see, when we do not look or listen with our spritual ears and eyes, we allow things to enter our temple through our entrance....the heart. Our heart is where everything begins and where everything ends. The Lord tells us in His word that the heart is deceitful and wicked. It also says that God tests the heart, and only God can cleanse our hearts. God was telling me in this verse to guard my heart (that seems to be the theme this week as I read daily) Stop......look.......listen.....heed.

God also showed me that there seems to be many exits for our temple or sanctuary....that is IF we allow them. The things that we know and want to do, we do not, and the things that we do not want to do, we do, as Paul reminds us. We must guard our entrance and do not allow all the exits. We have to retain all that we learn about God. Stop.....look.....listen....heed.

Today as you read this, ask yourself....what am I looking at? What am I listening to? How is my entrance? What are my exits that I need to eliminate????


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