Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You've Purchased ALL That Curriculum.....Now What?

Since my year this year is not going quite as smoothly, (more frustration on my part than my kids I guess....) I decided to sit down and think about WHY last year went so well. Here is what we basically did last year...

Bible- We just read from the Bible different stories, or we would find a scripture that really spoke to us and we would study it and then write about it.....ahhhhhhh that was so great!!!

Spelling-We used Modern Curriculum Press last year and it was really good. We used it some, and then the other times, we made our own list of spelling words from our reading so that we would know what some words were. We learned how to spell really well!

Math- We used Saxon, and I hate to say we all hated this last year. So we finally ditched it and just started printing worksheets from the computer in order to keep their basic math skills up and going.

Science-We used 2 great hands on Science Curriculums....Considering God's Creation and Living Learning Books-Chemistry. Everything was hands on and we spent alot of time at the library finding books......boy was that great!

History/Reading-We used Beautiful Feet Books... I fell in love with this curriculum and so did my kids.

English-Bob Jones Grammar and Writing-It is very thorough and I really like the way every other chapter is writing.

THIS year I decided that it probably would be better to switch to one curriculum because the kids said they thought they would like to have regular textbooks to work out of. So, me being the sweet mom that I am, decided to do just that. I searched and I probed and saved us about $800. I purchased all of our "textbooks" from Ebay for around $200 by the time it was all said and done.

I notice that so far the kids are not as excited about the curriculum as they thought they were gonna be. Having textbooks just ain't as fun as the other way. Based on our year last year, can anybody tell me what type of schooling this is? Before we get to far into our year, I believe I am gonna change some things and go back to the way we were doing alot of our teaching last year.

Ya know what they say.....if it ain't broke....well you get the picture!

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