Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How To Build a Proper Fire

You know that your child watches tooooooo much of Man Vs. Wild when he comes inside and asks if he can build a fire! It all started when........

Yesterday while we were fishing, Robert found a lighter that still worked. He was proud of his find so we let him bring it home. Later in the day, he and Kayla were outside in the backyard playing with their friends when he comes inside and says mom, can I build a fire? Sure son of course you can!

Stephen had already shown Robert and Kayla a while back how to build a fire the correct way, so imagine my surprise when I look out and Robert has all the girls gathering firewood and kindling to build the fire!

As you can see from this picture the mustard, ketchup, hot dogs and buns? Yep! No good person in their right mind builds a fire like this and doesn't roast him a weinie!!!

All in all, I think they did a fine job! And they even doused the fire when they were done and cleaned up their spot! My kids could so live in the wilderness!

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