Friday, October 24, 2008

For Women Only

This week I finished a great book by Billy and Ruth Graham's oldest daughter Gigi. This book was really insight ful and I thought I would share with you all one little piece of this book.

I glance through the high fashion magazines and soon realize my wardrobe doesn't even come close to these lovely creations. The gorgeous models are all thing, expertly made up, and beautifully put together. I look through Better Homes and Gardens. The immaculate rooms are perfectly designed and decorated and everything matches. I study the layout of plants and flowers, I look at the faultlessly manicured lawns , and then my eyes sweep my own imperfect home and yard.

How quickly the frustration and discontent can cause us to forget to be grateful and thankful! In a matter of minutes, I can become unsatisfied and discontented, longing for something I can't have.

But then I think of the woman who came to my house and said, "i love your home. It is such a friendly house." I look at that imperfect yard and think of all the children, both mine and those in the neighborhood, who enjoyed building forts, diggin holes, making skateboard ramps, and strewing toys everywhere, and I am grateful. I glance at myself in the mirror and I thank the Lord for the healthy body that could carry and give birth to seven children. I look at my closet and cringe with guilt at all of the unneccesary items hanging there. Maybe they are not high fashion, but I have more clothes than I need.

This book was a wonderful remider to me that I can keep my balance in a world that is so fast paced and changing rapidly every day. I urge you to read it as well!

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