Monday, March 16, 2009

Freebie of the Day

I have found this wonderful new website...well maybe it's not new, but new to me. Anyway, each day, Monday through Friday, they offer a new freebie each day.

Since it is getting close to Spring, I have been looking for some free unit studies to do with the kids since this our first real year planting a garden. The freebie for today is....

Spring Nature Study

SPRING NATURE STUDY (PDF ebook) - In this vintage lesson guide for primary age students, you’ll find poems and short stories about Spring, studies on seed germination, soil, rocks, earthworms, flowers, birds, Easter lessons, outdoor activities and much more. If you want to stir your child’s imagination and give them a sense of wonder about this change of seasons, don’t miss this. Tons of great ideas and lessons in this lovely, gentle compilation!

If you sign up for their newsletter, they will email you on the weekend to let you know what is coming up!

Hope you enjoy!!

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