Sunday, March 29, 2009

Praise for the Most High God

Gathering At the Well

Who or what is "most high" in your mind and heart today?

Is it the Most High, or someone or something else?

The Lord is the only one in my life who is my "Most High". Today we took a field trip to a Science Museum, and the whole time I was there, as I was admiring all the wonderful things about science, I began to see the Lord emerge in each and every thing. For instance:

  • The heart: every little artery, every little aveoli, every little ventricle, each have a specific job. That job is to make the heart come alive. The heart is what makes a person move, walk, breathe, it's are dead. Jesus is our order to allow Him to be alive in our life, we have to allow all His artieries, ventricles, aveoli etc (the things that He wants to walk you through). If you do not allow this, your life will not be as fruitful as it could be.
I am so thankful that the Lord is my Most High and has always been. I know with Him all things are possible, and that through Him all things can be accomplished.

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