Monday, April 27, 2009

At The Well: What Is It About Mentoring?

This week At The Well, we are talking about mentoring. I think before we get into the meat of God's word and learn how to mentor, that first we need to understand what mentoring is. I looked up mentor in the dictionary and this is what I found:

a wise and trusted counselor or teacher (n.)
To act as a wise and trusted counselor or teacher (v.)

Notice here that we first must decide that we are going to be the person, the mentor, before we start actually doing the action of mentoring.

As children of God, how can we mentor? I think that we can take lessons from many of the women in the Bible. They set the path for us to mentor, by showing us how and why. Here are a few that I have come across:

  • Esther: Esther teaches us how to trust the Lord. She won the favor of Hegai not because of anything that she said, but because of how she lived her life. I am sure that in the harem, she daily instructed the other women on how to present themselves. She was not arrogant or haughty, but humble in Spirit, which showed through her actions.
  • Ruth and Naomi: Ruth stayed devoted to her mother-in-law even when she didn't have to. Naomi not only accepted this invitation from Ruth, but she also showed her the way as they traveled. She taught her the customs of those who followed God and showed her how to present herself to Boaz the redeeming kinsman in order to help Ruth gain a husband. Both ladies were humble in Spirit and were willing to learn from each other and support each other along the way.
  • Mary and Martha: Even though they were sisters, they taught each other. Mary taught Martha how to worship the Lord and Martha taught Mary how to serve Him. They mentored each other as they both learned what it meant to love the Savior
There are so many other women in the Bible that we could look at when it comes to learning how to mentor. Each one has a different attribute that we can learn from them. But once we learn from them, we are not to sit on what we have learned. We are to take it and find someone who needs a mentor.

Each day, ask God to put a lady in your path. Use the Word as your guidelines in teaching them. Share with them daily what God is doing in your life, the experiences He has you going through. I am so blessed that I have been able to mentor young teen girls and pre-teen girls. It has been a wonderful blessing sharing with them some of the things God has been showing me.

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Where are you at in your mentoring? Has God spoken to your heart about an issue that you need to work on so that you are "blameless" when it comes to mentoring? Spend some time asking Him if He has anything specific for you to mentor about.


Linda said...

I loved your examples of Esther, Ruth and Naomi, and Mary and Martha pertaining to mentoring! I have never thought of them this way,...but it is so true. And it was a good suggestion to look to the other women in the Bible and see how they mentored.

And it was a good idea to ask the Lord everyday to put laies in our path that we could mentor.

And you mentioned pre-teens and teen girls that you have been blessed to mentor,...and this made me think of my granddaughters. I am always mentoring them, well as my 3 daughters,..and many of my friends. They are all
blessed gifts to my life and I want to be a blessing to their lives also.

Have a Great Day!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Saleslady371 said...

I, too, like looking at the women of old in the Bible. Some great lessons there! I agree, the best person to mentor is the one that God put in your path through prayer of submission for it. Good post!

Ashley said...

I loved how you said, "Each day, ask God to put a lady in your path." This is so important! To be lead by the Holy Spirit!

Thanks for sharing today!


June said...

Thank you so much for the reminder of such wonderful mentors, that we can mulate.


LAURIE said...

Great examples of mentoring that you share with us today over AT THE WELL. Mentoring is something that we all should strive to be doing in our relationships. God bless. Laurie

Laurie Ann said...

Your post was just precious. I loved how you mentioned that each day we should pray for God to put a lady in our path...we need to keep our eyes open for those opportunities! Thanks for shaing At the Well today!