Saturday, June 13, 2009

Going to O'Charleys While on My Health Kick

I haven't posted in a couple of days about how my challenge is going simply because I have just been buried with home life and work. Here is what has happened so far:

We went out to eat at O'Charleys this week on a lunch with my family. I was really apprehensive about going because I LOVE their rolls. I can eat two baskets and my plate of food without even blinking twice. I kept reminding myself YOU ARE ONLY GOING TO EAT ONE ROLL. I can tell you that I sat there in a SWEAT when that bowl of bread was brought out. I felt my heart rate increase and my palms go sweaty. My mouth began to water because I HAD to have that basket of bread.

Just as I was about to dive in, I realized what was happening. I was trying to be thrown off track. I sat there for a moment and asked myself, do I really need this bread? What will all this white processed flour do to me? How much weight will I gain from eating this? All of a sudden, the bread just didn't look as appealing as it did before. At that point, I knew I could do this. I could make it. I politely took my roll, put a smidgen of butter on it and ate it...peacefully. What I mean by peacefully is normally as I am eating my bread I am guilty because I gorge myself. After my one roll, I was able to say no thank you when the waitress asked if we wanted more.

I guess the thing that I learned when we went out to eat is that I DO have the willpower to say NO. I do have the discipline to lose weight. I CAN DO THIS!

If you are struggling with weight loss, like I do, begin to really ask yourself why you want to lose weight. Talk to yourself when you are faced with a choice, don't just dive in because that is what you have always done. It will pay off in the end.

Now if I could just get into the habit of doing this with salsa and chips.....sigh.

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