Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Has the Media Movement Gone Sex Crazy?

At the Well this week we are discussing the effects of the media on our minds. I am one to tell you that I have been overly disgusted with many of the media's tactics to sell me things. I have also been disgusted myself at how quickly I have been drawn in to all these things. Let me explain.

Our minds are very easily swayed. I used to never believe this, until one day, I saw a VERY racy commercial on tv and realized what it was doing to my mind. That scene from that commercial played in my mind all day long. I talked to my husband about it and he told me that those commercials and things like that play worse on men's minds than they do women's. I listened to him tell me how hard it had been for him lately because we had been watching way to much secular tv and how the commercials and movies were causing his mind to think on things he should not have to.

It was then that I realized that once again, something had to be done about this. So we have decided as a family NOT to watch any more movies or watch tv commercials that involve sex or any racy scenes whatsoever.

Here is a perfect example of what I am talking about. A couple of months ago, one of our favorite restaurants had a commercial on tv selling their newest burger. It was a woman sitting on an apartment step. She had a dress on that came to mid calf on her legs, spaghetti strap top. Her legs were slightly spread to keep the burger from dripping on her. Innocent enough right?? WRONG! She began to eat the burger...not like a normal person would. She was licking the burger and making all these weird sounds. At this point, I am feeling uncomfortable. My son, who is 14, said that this commercial made HIM feel uncomfortable. We immediately changed the channel and I wrote a VERY long letter to this restaurant asking them to remove it because if sex had to be the reason to buy their burger, then their burger must not be good enough to stand on its own.

Whether it is written or visual, those kinds of things play on our minds. I think that is why Jesus told us more than once to renew our minds daily. What goes in is what comes out. I can so testify to that. My job is not to entice my family with this sort of thing. My job is to help shield my family from this kind of devastatingly media.

Why not take a stand for your family? Be different from the rest of the world. Show them that wholesome movies, clean stories, modest relationships are really OK in today's society. Take a God's word says...Come out from among them and be separate....we are Christians. Let's not look like the world...let's look like Jesus!

My family and I are taking a stand as of today. No more movies and things that cause our minds to wander from God's standards. I will live a life holy and pleasing to the Lord.


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Fantastic post Jennifer and so so true! I respect you for taking a stand at these things. The Holy Spirit groans when we watch such things, sometimes we can't help it and have to turn it over like you did.

Amy Bayliss said...

I am so with you on these things Jennifer. What also angers me is that so many people have become desensitized to it. We have to bring awareness back.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Jennifer, about 2 years ago, we made the decision to turn of the dish network and we can't get cable where we live in the boonies, so we can't pick up t.v. at all. We didn't buy a converter so our tv is only for dvds that we purchase at LIFEWAY or other places you can get christian movies or movies for the grandkids. It is one of the best choices we have made.

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Just 'found' your blog. I totally agree with you! I'm ready to ask my local pharmacy to move some of the magazines from their checkout area....I'm finally ready to speak up!

~ Judy ~ said...

AMEN and congratulations Jennifer!
We disconnected tv altogether and only watch dvd's and videos which are wholesome and appropriate entertainment for a godly family.
Now that you've made this choice, you might enjoy a couple of links on my blog
The links take you to sites that offer ONLY wholesome family viewing movies to rent!!!
The sites are Pius Media and Feature Films for Families.
Hope you'll stop by and browse them!

dianne - bunny trails said...

It's probably the same company who has recently had a burger commercial with a girl in a bikini, who is supposedly some top bikini model. I won't even go into details. It's quite sad.

Suzanne said...