Friday, August 21, 2009

Leaf Collecting

Last year we did just a plain old leaf collection. We didn't really do alot with it. This year however, our curriculum calls for us to do another leaf collection. This time however, the kids have to be more detailed with their information, so Wednesday we saddled everyone up (dogs included), and headed out in the neighborhood to collect some leaves.

My monkey was the first one out the door. You didn't know I had a monkey? He is the most handsome monkey I have ever seen. He loves Science and always gets excited when we get to do experiments and prjoects like this one.

After we finished collecting our leaves, of course I made them pose for a picture so I could record this momentous occasion (you know how I love to snap their pictures)!

As I always say, I totally love homeschooling my kids. This is my purpose and I love the anointing that God has given me For Such A Time As This!

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