Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Wife In Training

This week At The Well, we are talking about how we treat our husbands when they come home from work. I love this topic! I love it simply because I try to do my best to model who I am as a wife by what the Word of God says about how I should treat my man.

Chelsey posted some tips from a 1950's Home Economics textbook. In fact, these guidelines line up with the Bible perfectly! The more I got to thinking about these tips, the more I realize I was born in the wrong era (LOL)!

The main thing to remember is that your husband is the head of the home. Make him feel like a king. I know that in my own home, when I treat my man with any kind of disrespect it does not go over well and we wind up fighting or arguing over really dumb things. I want there to be peace in our house.

Here is an example of treating your man with respect. Since my husband went back to work, I decided that evey morning I was going to get up and fix him a hot meal so he can start his day out right. I fix his lunch for him and have it ready sitting on the table when he comes home from lunch so he has his whole thirty minutes to eat. During that time, I sit down and talk to him. I am not up running around and acting crazy. I am giving him my undivided attention during that time. When he comes home from work, I make sure the house is traight, supper is cooking, and that he has a glass of tea waiting by his favorite chair.

I don't do these things for brownie points with him or with God. I do these things because I love my husband and I want him to feel special. One night while we were talking, he shared with me about how special those small things made him feel. He said, "You don't know how much I appreciate all those things you do for me." That statement alone was appreciation enough for everything that I do for him.

What are you doing for your husband today? Do you make him feel useless? Is your house chaos when he comes home? Does he feel the need to leave to find some peace? A man's home should be a place of rest! Be sure and read those tips from the 1950's textbook. I realized all along I had been doing the right thing because of the Holy Spirit and NOT because someone else said I needed to do these things!

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