Sunday, September 13, 2009

Can I Really Do Without?

Stephen and I have been talking about cutting our spending habits in half with our groceries. We have been spending around $450 a month to feed our family of four. Now grant it that most of that is spent on buying things we don't need. Our goal for the rest of September is to use what we actually have here in the house and then supplement with what we need to make a meal complete. We are going to see just how far we can go before we REALLY have to go grocery shopping!

I went to Kroger today and only spend $13.00 on things we needed to make complete meals. I was actually shocked how much food there is in my pantry and on my shelves.

Here is a breakdown of what we will be having this week for meals:

Breakfast: Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuits

Lunch: Sandwiches

Dinner: Pork chops, Green Beans, Fried Potatoes and Rolls

Dessert: Carrot Cake

Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Toast, and Hash browns

Lunch: Sandwiches

Dinner: Chili

Dessert: Carrot Cake (Leftovers)

Breakfast: Pancakes

Lunch: Sandwiches

Dinner: Chili Leftovers

Dessert: Carrot Cake (leftovers0

Breakfast: Cream of Wheat and Eggs

Lunch: Leftover Chili

Dinner: Tacos and Rice

Dessert: Strawberry Pretzel Salad

Breakfast: Biscuits and Gravy

Lunch: Leftovers of Taco and Rice

Dinner: BBQ Chicken and Regular Pizza

Dessert: Strawberry Pretzel Salad

Breakfast: French Toast

Lunch: Leftover Pizza

Dinner: Breakfast smorgasbord (bacon, sausage,,biscuits, gravy, hash browns, and pancakes)

Dessert: Leftover Strawberry Salad

Breakfast: Sausage Biscuits

Lunch: Soup

Dinner: Bacon and Tomato Sandwiches

Dessert: Leftover Strawberry Salad

I am so amazed at how resourceful we can be when push comes to shove. There are many things that we spend are money on that if we just ask ourselves, "Do I really need this?", we will find that the answer is NO!

God has really been pressing it upon Stephen and I do be more content while not having to have more or be more. In fact, God has really been teaching both of us that we can be content without having much of anything--even though we both are working and can afford those things now. We feel like God still wants us to live as if we still had only one income so that we can work on building an emergency fund.

What about you? Where are you at right now financial wise? Ask God to help you with your finances and He will show places where you can shave and save :)

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The Desperate Cook said...

I think you need to buy more biscuits, my Hubs will be over to your house to eat breakfast with you and he loves biscuits and gravy. It reminds me that I haven't made that for a long time.

Really though, I think your menu plan is great. I really need to think about doing the same thing. Kudos to you!!

crazydaisy said...

I do that 'pantry shopping,' too! About every 8 weeks or so, I take inventory of everything in the pantry, freezer, etc, and plan meals ONLY from what I have! I only end up buying milk, eggs, and very few items at the store! It's great. (I can usually make a MONTH of meal plans from my 'overstock!') Keep on doing it!