Saturday, September 5, 2009

Crossing Over

Don't you hate it when your kids start growing up on you? Sometimes I wish they were still little babies where I can hold them and snuggle them close. I missed a lot of that when they were little because I worked outside the home.

Now that they are getting older, we keep going through phases. With Robert, we have been through the voice change and the going from young boy into a teen phase, talking about girls phase, THE talk phase, and many others.

With Kayla, it's just beginning. A few months back, she came to me and Stephen and asked about shaving her legs. She was embarrassed by the amount of hair and wanted to shave. We agreed she was mature enough so we allowed her to do so. This week, she passed another milestone in crossing over from young little girl into her pre-teen years. She got her first girly makeover.


Heather started by giving her some curls. I kept thinking the whole time, she's not gonna like this! But the more that Heather curled, the more Kayla was falling in love with it. I think the pampering of herself is what done her in.


After her hair was done and waiting to dry, Heather then told her it was time for her manicure and pedicure. She went ALL out on Kayla! Speaking of Heather, this makeover was her gift to Kayla for her birthday. Heather is our friend from church who just opened her beauty salon, Grace Salon, in Hopkinsville.


She is the one that cuts my hair and does a fabulous job. She is very reasonably priced, is a Christian who loves God with all her heart, so she has my vote across the board! If you live in Hopkinsville, look her up. She has the most adorable shop and many options for you and your children that includes tea parties, little girl makeovers, dress up parties, and older girl parties as well.

Anyway. . .back to my post.

Heather gave Kayla a fabulous pedicure. She had never had one before and thought that this must be what heaven is like!


After her mani and her pedi, it was time to get her hair styled. Did you know that a flat iron, some hairspray, and bobby pins could make your hair this curly?


Kayla decided that she wanted her hair in a poofy ponytail. She loves ponytails and was not willing to give that up, so Heather fixed her up!


Kayla was really impressed with how girly she could be without losing the nature side of her. She was excited to enter this new phase of her life. As she gets older, I love watching her as she goes from one stage to another. She has become one of my favorite people to spend time with. I love sharing a cup of coffee with her, a Taco Bell lunch together, a walk around the block with the dogs, or just sitting and laughing together.

Watching her like this, seeing her as my friend now, lets me know that when she is older and has a home of her own and a family of her own, she and I will still be close. I look forward to those calls that say, "Hi Mom. I just called to say I love you." She is a darling daughter.


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Hannah said...

Your girl is awesome!

I love being able to be friends with my momma! It is so special! I wish all girls would accept their mothers as friends; especially as they get older. I'm glad you and Kayla can be so close!