Monday, October 5, 2009

Righteousness and Devotion to God

This week at the well,we are talking about this verse:

Titus 2:12 "And we are instructed to turn from godless living and sinful pleasures. We should live in this evil world with wisdom, righteousness and devotion to God," NLT

The topic turned to the following questions:

Do you find yourself taking part in godless living and sinful pleasures?
If so....What steps are you going to take to gain strength in wisdom, righteousness and devotion to God?

Stephen and I have strived to live a holy and pleasing life for the Lord from the things we watch, the music we listen to, the people we spend the most time with, the presence in our home--all these areas we strive to live in righteousness and devotion to God. But what are the steps we have taken to get there?
For starters, when we first got saved we made it a point to not watch any show on tv or videos that used curse words or had explicit sex scenes in them. I can already hear you now for those of you who know us saying, "but you wath....". Let me explain how we are able to watch those shows. We purchased a TV Guardian many moons ago which removes all language from tv shows, videos, or anything that we watch on tv. It does not remove the sex scenes, so we have to be very cautious about the movies that we get regarding that. We hold each other accountable with the shows that we watch. It is very important and I will share why in just a few minutes.
Another thing that we do is we do not listen to other music that talks about sex, drugs, cheating on spouses, etc. We choose to listen to music that is uplifting to God. Nowadays there is so much Christian music out there from every genre, that there is something for everyone.
In this day and time, it is important to look at what we watch and listen to. Here is the sole question that I base everything I do on. Are you ready because it is a rather complicated question. Here it is:
"If Jesus were sitting here, would you be watching that, listening to that, wearing that, talking like that"?
See! I told you it was complicated. That small little question is packed with a punch and truly holds me accountable. If it is something I would not be comfortable doing with Jesus in the room, then nine times out of ten, it is something you SHOULDN'T be doing anyway!
So that is my two cents on that verse today. I hope that some of what I shared with you is helpful.
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Joyfull said...

Love it! What a beautiful way to hold accountability - "If Jesus was sitting here, would you be watching that...". That small question is surely loaded and a deep heart searcher! Thanks for sharing today.

Just Jennifer said...

Hey! Found your blog through another site. Love it :D You're definitely a daily worthy blogger. Added you to my feed reader.

Thanks for havin' me and hope to have you visit my bloggy. Have a great week.