Monday, November 23, 2009

The Thanksgiving Menu

Here we are finally on Thanksgiving week. I will be VERY busy this week baking up a storm! I thought today I would share with you some of the yummy recipes that will be gracing our table this year!
For starters, I am serving a mixed greens salad with a
cranberry vinaigrette dressing. I tasted this dressing over the weekend at a Thanksgiving meal I had at a church and it was so delicious! (Photo courtesy of Food Network)
After the salad, we will have delicious fried turkeys
and cooked whole chickens. This is courtesy of my husband’s work this year! Thanks HPD for the yummy fried turkeys! (photo courtesy of google Images)
For sides, we will have the usual, green beans, corn, and this
fabulous cornbread stuffing from my girl, Paula Deen! I love her recipes! (photo courtesy of Food Network)
Of course we also have to have mashed potatoes.  This year, we are having these

Loaded Mashed Potatoes..yummy! (photo courtesy of Food Network)
I will be making another batch of the crescent rolls that I posted about last week.
For dessert this year, we are having
Chocolate Pie. I love this dessert! I am sure there will be other desserts that grace our table, but for right now, this is the only dessert because we are trying to cut back on the sweets!
So what are you making for Thanksgiving?

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Karen said...

This year, my whole family will be getting together for Thanksgiving. My hubby is making the turkey. I'm making homemade bread and green beans. My Mom is making her yummy dressing as well as fruit salad. My brother-in-law is preparing his awesome sweet potato casserole. And our nephew (with the help of his Mom I'm sure) will be making mashed potatoes. I'll be making a cake as well. And I would not be surprise if my Dad brings a sugar-free apple pie from Cracker Barrel. It will no doubt be a yummy feast!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!