Friday, November 6, 2009

When Kids Cook…the Homeschool Edition

This is what happens when you allow your kids to cook with you in the kitchen:
I am blessed to have children that love to help. The other day when Stephen and I were going to have to work late in the evening, I left Kayla an instruction sheet on what to fix for supper. I had already made the meat earlier in the day, so she was able to gather all the other ingredients and get them done for me.
They made delicious looking rolls (okay so they are from the store, but you have to start somewhere right??)006
Corn on the cob is always a necessity when you have porkchops and mashed potatoes:
So how did they learn to do all that you ask? I have been teaching them how to cook. They both love to cook. I am glad too, because when they get out on their own, I don’t want them eating out at fast food restaurants all the time. I want them to be able to prepare a meal for themselves. Healthier and cheaper on your wallet!
Don’t be afraid to let your kids in the kitchen. They have to learn sometime, so what better time than now?

That is my finer thing today! What's yours?

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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That is important! They did a great job. I keep telling my son that I can't wait until he's old enough when can ask him to make the bread or even cheese or butter. He's looking forward to it! He already helps me stir the cheese and cut the curd.

Allison said...

How wonderful! I agree that kitchen skills are so important to teach our kids. It's not always convenient to have them in the kitchen, because it takes longer and is much messier. However, the memories and lessons that come out of it make it worth it. Especially when they can help prepare dinner!!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

You are so right! At least... I hope you are. Mine are still little, but they're getting there. :)