Sunday, December 6, 2009

Too Busy Today Lord

I found myself yesterday staring at my end table where my Bible has laid for the past few weeks--unopened--unless we were at church or Bible study. I stared at it for some time, I think half expecting it to jump off the table and condemn me for not reading it. I mean, c'mon, my life has gotten really busy the past couple of months Lord. I don't have time for EVERYTHING. I am a homeschooling mother who works from home, cares for her household, and then helps her husband in the afternoon until dark. How can you possibly expect me to fit ALL of that into my day.

And then the words of my ever-so-wise husband began to infiltrate my brain: "You make time for those things you find important". SLAP!

I think I still feel the stinging pain from that blow. Not that it came from my husband, but it was God reminding me of those wise words. Yesterday, I realized why I have had an uneasiness in my spirit, an ache in my soul. It is because I have not been spending time with my one true Love--Jesus.

Do you remember the days when you were dating THE one? How you longed to be with them every second, and when you weren't together, you felt like your world was caving in? That is how I felt yesterday. I realized how much I missed the Lord and how I longed to climb into His lap for some love and comfort--just to be told how much I am loved and adored.

Not only did I get that, but I also got some discipline. What? You think God doesn't discipline us? My friend, you are so wrong. God does discipline us. When He thinks we need some correction we get it. So here is how my conversation went with the Lord yesterday. Now mind you, God did not physically speak these words, but I heard these words in my heart--so I know they came from HIM!

Me: Hey Lord...sorry I haven't been reading alot lately. I have been really busy, and well...sometimes I just run out of time.

God: You always have just have to make it.

Me: But Lord, I already get up at 5am and as soon as I get up, I have to get Stephen's breakfast and everything else. Sometimes there is just not enough of me to go around.

God: You always have just have to make it.

Me: What do you want me to do, get up earlier?

God: silence  (crickets chirping)

Me: Are you serious.

God: Do you love Me?

Me: Yes Lord, you know I love You more than anything.

God: Then you know what to do.

As you can see, God was lovingly and gently reminding me of my promise to Him years ago. I promised I would ALWAYS start my day with Him. But lately, I haven't done that. I have let other things creep in and take over my time with Him. This morning, I took that back. I got up earlier than normal and deemed in my spirit that the Lord would come first, and that I would guard that time with Him like it was my very own life--because in essence it is my life.

What about you? Have you let other things get in the way of your time with God? Refocus your mind and your spirit today on the Lord. Seek Him first and your day will be completely altered--I promise!

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