Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Keeping Your Hands Clean

My family loves fried chicken, fried porkchops. . .okay, basically fried anything! I really hate it when I get flour all over my hands. Just plain flour is okay, but you add in buttermilk and an extra roll in the flour pan and you have globs of goop on your fingers--BLECK!

Here is what I do to keep that from happening. I use my tongs first off. Then I dredge my pieces of meat through a light dusting of flour (this helps the buttermilk stick). After that,  I drench them in buttermilk. I remove them from the buttermilk with the tongs and place the pieces of meat in a ziplock bag with flour.

courtesy of google images

Close the bag, shake up the pieces of meat, and then remove again with your tongs! Your hands stay completely clean!

That is my kitchen tip for today! You can find more kitchen tips at Kitchen Tip Tuesday.

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