Friday, February 19, 2010

Playing With Dad

Last week we got another snow storm. That is now two in about a 3 week period and as I am typing this we are hunkering down again for the third time!

Stephen got to stay home from work this time because this one had the roads pretty messy. When he is home, the kids get all excited because he takes them out and builds an awesome snowman!
 I let them have all the fun and I get to stand back and take pictures. Sometimes I get carried away though and take too many! LOL (anyone else have that problem?)




Making a snowman requires precise rolling and putting together the rolls of snow. I am telling ya, around here there is a certain technique! If you do it right, you will end up with something that looks like this:

Of course, Kayla was not satisfied until he looked like the Godfather. . . .

This was definitely a fun day!

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