Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Small Gesture Is All It Takes

I made up my mind that this month I am secretly doing things for Stephen to show him how much I love and appreciate him. The funny thing is, I think he is doing the same thing! LOL

He came home for lunch yesterday and lit my world on fire, just by saying this very simple sentence:

"You are the best wife and mother any family could ask for"

That little sentence put my whole day in the best of moods! As a woman, I love to hear that I am appreciated and that what I do is noticed. I don't do it for those reasons because I love being a wife and a mother and to give of myself, but to know that someone sees what I do and is appreciative of it--that means all the world to me.

Yesterday, my gesture for Stephen only cost me $1.00! I went to the Dollar Store and purchased one of his favorite snacks and added a love note to it and put it where he could see it:
Those words are actually the beginning of one of my favorite worship songs, but felt that they fit this scenario perfectly. The smile that this brought to his face was worth a thousand dollars to me. In that smile I saw love, honor, respect, and the fact that he cherishes me--everything a woman could want in a man
The thing that I have learned so much is that my marriage is not perfect. In fact, it is far from perfect,  but how I look at my marriage is what makes it either good or bad. I can choose to see my husband as someone who wants to hurt me, or I can know that he has my best intentions at heart and means goodwill toward me, but sometimes has too much on his plate to deal with and winds up saying something unkind. It is in those moments that I can either love and respect him and say nothing, or I can retaliate with the most hurtful thing I can think of. I have done both in the last few days and to be honest I would much prefer to lead my heart in saying nothing and just loving him through whatever is bothering him.

The one I am going to share with you tomorrow is something SO simple, you will want to do this for your man as well! Make him feel special this month. Do things for him that show him you love and respect him for all that he does for your family. They work hard for us and deserve to be treated like kings. Even if you are not getting the queen bee treatment yourself, do something for your man without expecting anything in return and I promise you will eventually reap the benefits of loving and respecting your man.


Kela said...

Fabulous! I'm grinning from ear to ear for all the obvious reasons! :D

I always tell my hubby that I appreciate and love that he takes care of our family but its been a while since i've shown him.
Think I'll start today!!

side note: Making sure that he has a fresh pitcher of sweet tea everyday doesn't count for much! LOL

Kimberly said...

What a great idea! I know my hubby would love something like that, the candy but most of all the note confirming my love and respect for him.