Friday, March 12, 2010

Book Review: Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue


Lady Carliss faces the challenge of her life. Can she save the kingdom before it’s too late?

Determined,smart and a master of both the sword and the bow, Lady Carliss hasproven herself as a veteran Knight of the Prince. Returning from amission of aid, Carliss is plunged into adventure once again as shesearches for the marauders responsible for kidnapping a friends’family. Along the way she is reunited with Sir Dalton and discoversthat the struggle in her heart is far from over. When Dalton falls tothe vicious attack of a mysterious, poisonous creature, Carliss findsherself in a race against time. As Dalton clings perilously to life,she must find the antidote in the distant and strange city of Moorue.

Whilethere, Carliss uncovers the master plot of a powerful Shadow Warriorthat will soon overtake the entire Kingdom. Her faith in the Prince andher courage as a knight are tested as she faces evil Shadow Warriorsand a swamp full of dreadful creatures. The lives of many, includingDalton’s, depend on Carliss. But she cannot save them all, for time isrunning out.  She faces an impossible choice: save Dalton, or let himdie so that others may live.
Anything by Chuck Black is awesome. I love the way he writes. My children enjoy his books as well. We are currently reading his Kindom Dawn series. His writing is SO interesting that my son, who hates to read, is engrossed in these books.

If you like books about knights and them relating to God and faith in the Lord, you will want to get any books written by him.

You can purchase this book through Random House.

I was provided this book for free in exchange for my review. The opinion of this book is solely my own.

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