Thursday, March 18, 2010

How Much Do You Love Him?

Forget it. I just cannot take a break.

I am having a rough time with myself right now--spiritually.

There are some things missing from my life that I so readily crave anymore that it is killing me.

Do you want to know what it is?

The thing that I am missing most from my life is the ability to worship the Lord with believers who truly want to serve God.

I am not talking about the occasional raising of your hands during a song that has touched your heart. I am talking about falling prostrate before the Lord kind of worship. The kind that makes you cry uncontrollably for hours, or have fits of laughter. I miss that SO much.

I have been so blessed with the things God has done to me and shown me during these times of worship. For me, just raising my hands is not enough. Just singing along with everyone else is not enough. I need pure unadulterated worship. You see, God has won my heart so strongly, that the only way I can repay Him for the wonderful act of redeeming me is to worship Him as the woman with her alabaster box did.

You know the lady I am talking about. This woman worshiped God with EVERYTHING in her. That is how I want to worship Him. I am not just satisfied with serving Him by doing things for Him. I want to be that woman. You have to have lived my life to totally understand why I need to serve Him.

Enjoy the song. This song makes my heart know that I can worship Him this way.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this, Jennifer. I am such a long way from home right now (spiritually) that I know the holy spirit used you to personally minister to me. God bless your obedience.