Monday, April 19, 2010

A Great Place To Buy Homeschool Books Cheap!

I found a new website this weekend that I have fallen totally in love with! Have you ever heard of. . . - Blow-Out Prices On All Your Favorite Books!

This place has tons of great books at deep discounts! Here are a few that I plan on purchasing this year for school. You can click on the link to order them yourself if you are interested!

 Amos Fortune: Free Man~ usually sells for $4.99 or more. . .only $2.49! Click here to order

Classic to Contemporary Artists and Activities~ usually sells for $12.95. . .only $5.99 Click here to order

What People Wore Then: A Guide to Costume from Ancient History~usually sells for $29.95. . .only $6.99 Click here to order

This is just three of the books I have picked out so far! My looooong list would take forever to put here! If you are needing books for your homeschool, or just looking for something to read at a great price, then you should try hooking up with Book Closeouts. They even have a scratch and dent section where you can get books for a fraction of the price!

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Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Thanks for posting, this looks like a great site. I also wanted to share another one with you: You kind of have to act fast if it's something you really want, but I've found some incredible deals here. Especially on Creation Science resources. Blessings!:)