Monday, May 17, 2010

Listening To Your Man

Okay ladies! Here it is on Monday morning and I am already getting into the marriage stuff! Hopefully, you will not want to hang me up by my toenails when I am done today. . .hopefully you will want to put into practice what I am going to share with you.

I noticed something that I do on a regular basis when my man is talking to me and sharing his heart with me. I only halfheartedly listen to him. Since I work from home, I am on the computer ALL.THE.TIME, so to catch a moment with me is pretty few and far between. So he chooses to talk to me while I work.

God really convicted me about that this past weekend. I got to thinking. . .What if God did me that way when I was pouring out my heart to Him? So I decided that starting now, when my husband has something he wants to talk to me about, I am going to listen to him. . .not with just my ears, but with my eyes, my heart, my whole being.

Our husbands are our best friends. Above all the other friends I have, he is the one I enjoy being with the most, so why am I not giving him the attention he deserves when he talks to me? I don't do that with my other friends. I think it comes down to a comfort-ability issue. Because we are married to them, we know that regardless of whether we listen or not, they will be there.

Can you imagine the difference in your relationship if you actually really listened to him when he opened his heart to share with you what is inside? It's really hard for a man to open up and share, but when we show an interest--a real interest in what they are saying--it makes them want to share more!

So who is with me in joining in on this challenge to listen to our men when they talk and share?


Sheri said...

This is so important, and yet I find myself listening half heartedly too. I am guilty of thinking that because I've been married almost 16 years, it doesn't need the work or attention that it did in those early years. I know that's wrong, it takes constant work, and our husbands do deserve our full attention. Great reminder!

Joyfull said...

What an encouragement this was to me! I'm so guilty of not giving my full attention sometimes. Thanks for a timely reminder!

DarcyLee said...

You are so right about this. I think it's the comfort-ability in our relationship, too. Great post.

momstheword said...

I think we have all found ourselves in that position. I remember there were times that my hubby and children had to talk to the back of my head while I was washing dishes.

Now I will also mute the t.v. so that I can give them my full attention. The Lord does have to keep reminding me from time to time, so thanks for sharing.

Thanks for linking up!

Nancy said...

Jen, I have to make myself close the laptop and listen to Tony or the boys when I'm working too.

And a nice side-effect of me doing that is that now they will often ask if I'm at a stopping point before they try to talk to me so that they won't interrupt me if I'm right in the middle of a sentence or something.

Kela said...

First of all...the layout is looking nice here.
Second...I've found that I have to physically turn away from whatever i'm doing.

My first thought is usually, "you're interrupting me.". My second thought is "You chose to talk to ME".

After all, I do want him to listen whole-heartedly to me!!

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

Jennifer, I'm so glad you added this to the Marriage Mondays focus today. I know that my hubby has often said that he wants my eye contact when he's talking to me, to know he has my full attention. It tells him I'm really interested in him and in what he wants to share.

He's coming home soon after a long time away, and he is going to have a LOT to tell me. Great reminder to be ready to turn off the distractions and LOOK at him and listen. :)

~ Julie@comehaveapeace

Melinda said...

Oooo... I have been guilty of this, too! I have so many things on my mind most days that I struggle to stay engaged by the time he comes home at night. But it's so important! Thank you for the reminder!

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