Sunday, June 6, 2010


I have been reading one of the best marriage books that I have gotten lately! I have learned more about the intimacy between me and my husband that I have just not been ready to deal with. This book is not one of those books that goes into extreme detail about how to please your man or anything like that, but what is shared in its pages are very simple. . .how to love yourself enough to let go and enjoy being intimate with your spouse, something I have needed for a long time.

One of the chapters that really spoke to me was the one on trading food for time spent with your spouse. This chapter floored me. As I read each page, I saw myself in that scenario and I immediately became convicted of things that I had been doing similar to this.

Other chapters talk about how important laughter is, materialism (she calls them stuff-whores--FYI), marriage missions and more.

This book is definitely one I will be reading again. It has already found its perfect place on my book shelf, nestled among my all time favorite marriage books.

To purchase your copy, simply click the link below!

About the Book: 
Having a happy and sexually satisfying marriage isn't work--it's fun!
Uncovered shares the secrets of understanding your husband and making your marriage your top priority using biblical wisdom, practical sense, and a bit of feminine charm. With plenty of wit and realistic advice, Susie Davis shows you
  • how to get over your naked self and love your body
  • what "speed sex" is (hint: it doesn't mean breaking records)
  • the importance of letting your husband be a man
  • how to move from roommate to playmate
  • and much more
Each chapter also includes a top secret section called The Male Room where real married men reveal their true feelings about their wives and marriages.
If you're ready to improve your relationship--and have fun--with the most important person in your life, this is the book for you.
"Wow. Uncovered is just that--honest, open, gut-level talk about putting the sexy back in marriage. This is not simply a book about sex--it's a thoughtful and brave look at making your marriage truly healthy."--Ronne, married to Brad 13 years
"I loved Susie's practical approach to marriage, the humorous stories, and the insightful comments from real husbands on their real views and needs. This is a fantastic read not only for those struggling in their marriage, but also those who already have a great marriage."--Joni, married to Kevin 13 years
"Uncovered sparked a fire in me that I didn't even know had gone out. This book has changed my attitude and my approach toward my husband."--Julie, married to David 14 years

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