Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What I Admire About Him

This weeks Marriage challenge is: Admire Your Husband. If you are a blogger write a post all about your husband and what you admire in him and then show it to him! He will smile! If you are not a blogger, list the things you admire about your husband in the comment section and show it to him!

There are MANY things that I admire about my husband. He is. . .well, I will just let the list speak for itself.
  • I admire his love for God more than anything. He is not swayed by religion and laws set by man, but he pants after God and what He wants more than any law or rule.
  • I admire his love for me and the kids. He tells me more than I can count how much he loves being with us and spending time with us.
  • I admire his ability to step in and take over the house when I am sick. He can cook and clean better than me sometimes.
  • I admire his passion for God's people. He loves the ones that most people would never give the time of day.
  • I admire the hope he gives to prisoners. He takes the Word into the jails and prisons and he is the one that leaves changed and humbled--not the other way around.
  • I admire his work ethic. He works hard to make sure his family is provided for.
  • I admire how he pushes me to achieve my goals and dreams. He is my constant source of encouragement and it blesses me.
  • I admire his love of fun. When the kids need a dose of daddy, he is always there to launch into wrestling mode with them.
  • I admire the way he looks at me when he thinks I am not looking. The look of love I see beyond his eyes burns straight through to my heart.
  • I admire everything about my husband. He is the one that God chose for me long before I ever knew he existed and he is the one that I will grow old with.
What do you admire about your husband?


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