Sunday, August 15, 2010

12 New Things
I love Sarah Mae's idea of learning one new thing each month for the next twelve months. I decided to join her since this is something right up my alley!

After thinking about it this morning, here are the twelve things I want to accomplish and learn.

August: I want to make homemade biscuits--NOT bricks, which is what mine keep turning out like.

September: I want to decoupage something. I saw this really cute plates that someone made that you hang on the wall and they were decoupaged--so I want to make some of these for Christmas gifts using the adorable plates at the Dollar Tree.

October: Pajamas. I want to sew some pajamas for my daughter for Christmas, and finish her blanket that I promised to make her.

November: I want to learn how to create a lovely tablescape. I see all these neat tablescapes, but I am just not crafty enough to make one look gorgeous.

December: I want to learn how to freezer cook. Plain and simple!

January: Basket Weaving. It just looks fun!

February: Planning out a garden and knowing what to plant FIRST! I have no clue how to do this.

March: Landscaping. I want to plant flowers but I want to know how to design it so that it is functional and beautiful.

April: French braid my daughter's hair because she has been asking me to learn.

May: Learn to play the guitar ( I started but then got frustrated)

June: Learn to bend metal and hang it like my husband (it goes around new replacement windows so that the wood doesn't ever have to be painted again). There is an art to that, one of which I do not possess!

July: Learn to cook Thai and Indian food, because I have heard it is delicious.

This is my list! I am really excited about this because I want to learn something new, and having a list will help me to stay more structured and actually DO them.


Sarah Mae said...

So glad you are joining in - love your list, especially the pajamas! :)

Larissa said...

I enjoyed reading your "list"! I am stopping by from Like a Warm Cup of Coffee! Basket Weaving does sound like fun!
I made my list - but after reading your list - I think I should have included a couple of your.
(the garden one and planting flowers)

Cracked Pot said...

I can help with August and December if you're interested, just give me a call and I will head over or you can come up here this time. New AC so it will be cool. LOL

Cracked Pot said...

I can help with August and December if you are interested, just give me a call I can come over or you can come over here this time. I have a new AC so it will be cool. LOL

Kristine said...

I'm visiting from Sarah Mae's challenge blog. I love your 12 New Things list! Lots of cool things to try learn.

Patty Coleman said...

I love your list. I would like to learn almost everything on your list. It seems we are a lot a like....except for guitar...I like piano, but haven't played since my much younger years. I have subscribed through email so I can see your progress!

Patty Coleman said...

I have been inspired to start my own list because of reading yours. I may include many of yours on my list since they are things I have wanted to do but never had a list to keep me focused