Friday, September 17, 2010

Coffeehouse Theology

First up--this book is NOT about coffee! LOL It is more about how theology works and how you can apply it to your life. At first, I wasn't for sure if I would like this book, but I soon found out it was right up my alley!

I really enjoyed it although it did take me some time to get into the book. If you like theological books, you will like this one.

About the book:
Who gets to set the agenda for doing theology? Some select the Christian era of their favorite theologian or theological movement and mark their boundaries. The next step is to consider everyone who does not follow out of bounds. Scot McKnight notes in his Forward for Coffeehouse Theology: Reflections on God in Everyday Life, “… there is no such thing as “the best form of theology ever.””
Ed Cyzewski sets out to offer a pattern for a contextually practical theology. Often the the study of theology begins with consideration of textual and authorial contexts. Cyzewski, while believing these important, suggests conversations about God must take into account the context of those interested in talking about God. Rather than getting mired in the debate over hyper-modernity or post-modernity, Ed simply notes issues in our own time with which we should be aware as we engage in talk about God. And, talk about God should lead somewhere; it should be practical.
If you are looking for some broad influences on Ed’s theological method you may consider Guder’s reifying of the phrase “missio dei,” Grenz and Franke’s epistemological approach in Beyond Foundationalism, and the value of reading the Scripture in community and with the Tradition of the Church in mind. Taken together it may be argued that Ed presents a missional theological method in for “everyperson.”

About the Author

Ed Cyzewski (MDiv Biblical Theological Seminary) is a freelance writer and speaker in Eastern Connecticut. He is the author of Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life, an introduction to contextual theology as well as the Coffeehouse Theology Bible Study Guide and a Coffeehouse Theology Discussion Guide. His most recent book is A Path to Publishing: What I Learned by Publishing a Nonfiction Book. Ed blogs regularly on theology at and on writing at

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