Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Cutest Cake Decorations

When I went on my business trip weekend with my friend Nancy, we took a detour to downtown Gatlinburg on our way home. She knows how much I LOVE to cook (I am a total foodie for those of you who are new here), so she whisked me away into the dreamiest little store I have ever been to in my ENTIRE life!

This store, y'all, had samples of almost EVERYTHING! You could try all their dips, salsas hot sauces, herbed oils and more. I could have spent my life savings in this store. But do you wanna know what I wound up purchasing?

Kayla loves cake sprinkles. So when I saw this set of sea animals cake sprinkles, I knew I had to get them. Not because of the sharks, or the sea turtles, or the tropical fish, but because of these:

Aren't these little dolphins adorable? Three of her favorite things here: dolphins, lime green, and blue--how neat is that?

Of course, she got to work immediately making a cake so she could sprinkle "her sprinkles" on them.

I think my next thing to buy is going to be candy melts because I have a new cookbook coming (can you say. . .Bakerella??). Kayla and I are going to make our very first cake pops!

You can order their stuff online and they will ship it to you. However, if you go to Gatlinburg, GO to this store! It is awesome! All Sauced Up

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Nancy said...

Those are so cute. They had Kayla written all over them!

Tony really liked All Sauced Up too when the two of us went. There was another place like it down by the Old Mill and he got some Apple Jalapeno dip. Sounds ick, but it was CRAZY good.