Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Here! A Martha Heart~Come View the Tour

I am so excited to announce that A Martha Heart is now open! I have joined with many other ladies in sharing our hearts each month--each one of us unique, but in the same, each one is connected by having a heart to serve others as we serve the Lord.

You will love what A Martha Heart is about. Each room of a home has special meaning. The same is true at AMH. Not only is this a place where you can learn about the love of Jesus, but you can also learn about gardening, being a great hostess, beauty treatments, how to rest (I need this one more than anything) and more!

Here is what you will find at AMH:

  • Entering Into His Presence (Foyer)
  • Heartbeat of the Home (Family Room)
  • Food for Living (Kitchen)
  • Family Business (Office)
  • Living to Learn (Study)
  • Cleansing of the Heart (Laundry)
  • From Hidden to Light (Closet)
  • Intimate Issues (Bedroom)
  • Hearth of the Home (Dining Room)
  • Healthy Living (Back Yard)
  • Beauty: Inside and Out (Powder Room)
  • Dusting off Ambitions (Attic)
  • Reaching Out in Friendship (Front Porch)
  • Recharge and Restore (Time Away)
Come visit me as I share along with many other ladies each month in the rooms of A Martha Heart.

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