Saturday, April 12, 2008

Honest Abe

On Tuesday we took a family excursion to Hodgenville, KY, birthplace of our 16th president, Honest Abe Lincoln. This was one of the best field trips I believe I have been on this year.

The kids really enjoyed all the different things that they had actually seen in the books we read earlier the week before. Let me just tell you that the pictures do not do it justice. For instance, Sinking Spring, which is where Abe used to get their water from. It was gorgeous!

They also have a nature trail that you can walk that is wheelchair accesible. We were very thankful for this because Nanny (their grandmother) came along with us. She has MS and sometimes has difficulty walking, but because of this accesibility she was able to walk with us!

At the end of this nature walk, there is a replica of the Lincoln Memorial. It is absolutley beautiful. There are 56 steps walking up to the memorial (that is how old Abe was when he died).

On the inside of the memorial there is a replica of the cabin that Abe was born in. Around the cabin are 16 poles, and on the ceiling of this memorial are 16 flowers representing him as our 16th president.

Inside the gift shop you will also find a movie theatre where they show you a 20 minute film about the life of Abe Lincoln as well as some replicas of his life, such as tools they used back in the old day, the family Bible and this really cool set up of what the cabin might have looked like on the inside. They also have Lincoln Logs that your child can build their own log cabin with!

After visiting there, we went to eat at this little great restaraunt that has only been opened about a month, Hodgenville Grill. They have GREAT food there and the atmosphere is family oriented.

If you all have never been I urge you to plan a trip here sometime. You will LOVE it!


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