Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tie Breaker Family Water Park

Today was the coolest day for our kids. For a year now we have snubbed our nose at the local water park, because it looks so babyish from the road. We went there today with still those same feelings, but after just a few minutes we realized that this place was actually cool!

The kids had a blast.....and um so did mom! I think I rode the water slides like 10 times in a row! And these are rides that I don't get sick on! Robert enjoyed the slides as well!

And Kayla Had fun hanging out with her friend from our homeschool group, Alyssa!

I have to tell you that I love spending time with my kids. Besides God and my hubby, these sweet kids are my entire life! I enjoy all the time that we get to spend together! They are the best! Robert and I spent alot of time hanging out together today, just because he loves me and wanted to spend some quality time with me today. He's my growing and changing teenager.

Anyway, I think I have finally caught you all up on our comings and goings! See ya!

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Ginny said...

Well that looks like a blast. Especially to me because it has been chilly and rainy here. I jsut found you on the web. Adding you to my list. :)