Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Memorial Weekend Fun!

Okay! I promised you guys I would show you all some of our pictures from our trip! It was a blast. As I said in one of my earlier blogs, we have just been working like crazy for about the last three months, and then I got sick and things just kinda got crazy and hectic all at once! To those of you on my email list, you have probably already seen these, but oh well! You get to see them again!

On our first afternoon down at Kentucky Lake, we were so excited to be there that we ran to the motel room, threw all of our clothes and things on the bed, grabbed a bite to eat at my favorite place, Cracker Barrel, and then we went fishing.

When I caught this fish that afternoon, we knew that the fishing was going to be awesome that weekend! We caught a few more fish that evening.

We finally decided about 10:00 that it was time to go get some rest so we could get an early start the next morning.

The next day was even more productive! The kids were catching fish like crazy as well as Stephen.

Stephen always knows where the fish are! He caught this pretty big fish right out from under some other people! We made a lot of fisherman mad! We have a secret (shhhhhh!) to catching the fish!

Robert loves to "kiss" his fish the way that Jimmy Houston does!

If you are a fisherman then you already know who Jimmy Houston is. He is a Christian who loves the Lord and he also loves to fish! As you can tell, Robert was in full Jimmy Houston mode!

Kayla was nicknamed "Basswhacker" for the weekend! She caught the fishing fever and those little bass did not even have a chance! She did such a great job fishing that daddy purchased her a newer fishing pole and upgraded her to the "big girl" pole! Watch out Kentucky Lake, here comes the Basswhacker!

On Memorial Day, our friends, Mark and Wendy Walker and their son Dylan came and spent some time with us. Mark wanted to find a creek, so Stephen got out his map and found us one! We walked down a wooded trail about 2 miles to find a creek in hopes of finding crawdads and turtles. All we found when we got there was live ferns, and a really cool waterfall over the rocks.

After our walk, when we got back to the beach, I looked down in the grass and almost stepped on this little guy!

He is now nestled safe at home in Dylan's aquarium with his other turtle!

On our next to the last day there, the kids had a great time just playing and hanging out while Stephen and I fished our heads off. At one stop the kids played in the river rock running up and down the bank:

Kayla had fun playing in the mud more than anything!

But most of all, the kids had the best time playing in the pool at the motel! This was a great vacation to just unwind and spend time together as a family!

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