Monday, June 23, 2008

What Do You Spend Most of Your Time Doing?

It seems evident here lately that God is showing me just how much time I am spending watching the "one eyed demon" (TV). I really did not realize that until I got hold of a book, Beyond Survival A Guide to Abundant Life Homeschooling by Diana Waring. This book has a ton of great information in it regarding to learning styles for both students as well as teachers. The Chapter that got my undeterred attention was the chapter on the television.

The name of this chapter was.....Blow Up The TV!!!! As soon as I read the heading, I knew I was in BIG trouble! Blow up my tv? Are you crazy? How am I gonna watch my favorite cooking shows....or The Waltons....or how are the kids gonna watch cartoons? And what about my news? I began to list all the reasons why I needed my tv, but then God gently reminded me that even the kids are fine without a tv. Robert has been begging us to do away with the cable so that we can spend more quality time together, and to sit down and watch a movie every evening together. I cut out for that?

This chapter starts off about a couple who made a decision 18 years ago to not watch television. Instead, this couple and their children find wonderful things to do together instead of sitting around the tube. They even took the time to build their own house together! (a family after my own heart!)

People used to ask the father, "How in the world do you get so much accomplished?" His reply was this: "I quit watching tv 18 years ago. The 4 hours a day spent by average Americans watching TV times 18 years NOT spent in front of the tv, means I have FOUR MORE YEARS than you to get things done." WOW! I was stunned. 4 extra years to do things because he did not watch tv.

I use the excuse quite often that I just don't have the time to do things, but to be honest, if like these people we sit in front of the TV an average of 4 hours a day, then we have plenty of time to do things. It's what we choose to do with our time that matters.

So today, I am making a decision for myself to spend more time doing other things that make a teaching my daughter how to cook, reading together in the evenings (something our children love to do), play boardgames, or take a bike ride with the kids. Anything to show God that He is more important to me than my TV. Will you also take this opportunity to show Him how you feel? If you have a difficult time letting go of the tv, then take a few days fast from the old tube and spend that time talking to God and reading His wonderful word. You will soon find that the television is not important as we thought it was!

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