Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pennyrile State Forest Park Fishing Tournament

On Saturday June 14th, Robert and Kayla entered a fishing tournament sponsered by the Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park in Dawson Springs, Kentucky.

They both were so excited about competing against other kids for a prize! (my kids are so like me!) I was very impressed with how well this tournament was put together, and the best part of was FREE!!! I think I was in shock for a while, because I was expecting to pay something to be able to allow the kids to compete in this tournament, but like I said it was free!

Pennyrile provided poles for all the kids as well as bait! They also made sure that every child there caught a fish, so that no one was left out! All in all, Kayla caught 8 fish and Robert caught 8 fish. Not enough to win the tournament though. We just knew we would be going home empty handed!

There was also a casting contest, that Robert almost won! He lost by 1/2". He was kinda bummed because let me tell you, that boy can cast!

After the tournament was over, one of the fishing guides told all the kids and parents that lunch was served! Imagine my surprise when we reached the pavillion and discovered a yummy lunch that consisted of hotdogs, chips, cookies, drinks, and my favorite.....Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen! This mom was in hog heaven! So were my hot dog eating children.

While eating our lunch, Becky the lady park ranger, told all the kids that no one was leaving without a prize! Both Robert and Kayla were excited to know that all their fishing for the day was not to be in vain. Robert won a new telescopic cane pole,

and Kayla won a stuffed animal squirrel (which is so cool, because she has been wanting one of these for a long time!) Just add him to the other 40 million stuffed animals in her room!

By the way, his name is Nut. He sqeals like a real squirrel, and needless to say, it is driving Ruffles CRAZY!

If you have never considered doing a kids fishing tournament, then I urge you to consider Pennyrile's fishing tournament. It's free and the kids have a great time showing off their skills!

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