Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Storm on the Horizon

After a great day with lots of sun one day last week, a huge thunderstorm developed on the horizon. This storm was so intense on the radar that it covered all of Hopkinsville in red! The kids, Stephen, and I stood in the yard for what seemed like 20 minutes watching the clouds circling overhead. We all began to worry that a tornado might be in the works!

We all went back in the house a little nervous about what the weather was going to do. Kayla decided that she was hungry so to take her mind off of the storm outside she went to get our mini marshmallows(because she LOVES them!) The next thing I knew this is what I saw:

By candelight our children were making indoor mini smore sandwiches! I tell you what, those are the two most creative children I have ever seen! Kayla got the candle which was lit just in case the lights went out, and Robert went and got the chocolate chips and the graham crackers and those two had a feast! They would put their little marshmallow on the fork and hold it over the candle and let it catch on fire so it would blacken. Then they would put the mallow and a couple of choc. chips on a graham cracker broken into little pieces. Those two are crazy!

During this time of serious storms, we talked to them about how God's Word says that He protects us from all storms. Before we knew it, the second batch of storms that were worst than the first, broke up and did not do any damage!

What a great and mighty God we serve!



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