Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

Yesterday to beat the heat, we took our kids and some of their friends to Kuttawa Beach to just hang out and have some good ole' summertime fun!

I have never seen 5 kids so excited about going swimming as I did yesterday! They could not wait to get to the beach!

While the boys were busy racing Ruffles the swimming dog,

The girls were busy catching little green frogs! This one they named"Leapy" because when you touch his butt, he leaps! My daughter and nature! You gotta love the two together!

We grilled out hotdogs and had a great time picknicking, which is what Kayla has been begging to do FOREVER!

The boys were hungry, so these two sat at the table waiting for their YUMMY hotdogs! Robert and Barrett have been friends since birth! Barrett was born in September of 1994, and Robert was born in December of that same year. Their dads were best friends when they were that young (and they still are best friends today!), and it is so cool to watch these two growing up together! Stephen says it's like watching himself and Todd grow up all over again!

After swimming, you know we had to do some fishing, because that is what our family is so good at!

We had a great time just hanging out and relaxing! That is what God made Summer for!

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