Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fair Fun!

Last weekend, Stephen and I took the kids to the Western Kentucky State Fair. I remember going there as a child, riding the rides, eating the cotton candy, and playing the games until way into the night. My daddy used to grade the grandstand arena for the tractor pulls, so we always had plenty of fun! Well, our fair came to town, and they offered a free admission and free ride night if you had a church bulletin, so with bulletin in hand, off to the fair we went!

As soon as we got there, Robert and I hopped on the first ride we came to.....The Mega Drop. I know, I know. This is the ride that cut the girl's feet off at Kentucky Kingdom, but just once I had to see what it was like. Here is what it looked like before the ride. See my smile????

Well I can so tell you that this is NOT what my face looked like when we came back down! Stephen said I looked like I had just had an accident on myself! That thing raises you like 100 feet in the air. Now see , I was waiting for the airhorn to let us know they were getting ready to drop us. Was there an airhorn? NO WAY! They just let the thing go and you start falling! It was the scariest thing I have ever rode in my life!!!!! I ain't gettin' back on that thing again!!!

Since this is the first real fair the kids have ever been to, Kayla decided on our next ride, The Black Widow. Now if I would have been smart, I would have remembered my motion sickness and let the kids ride together, but did I heed the little voice inside my head saying, "Don't ride!"? Of course not! I hopped right on that booger cause Kayla wanted me to ride just one with her since I rode with Robert. Well here we are! See my smile???? Pretty ain't it!

Well, it didn't stay so pretty for very long! This thing spins a million different times as it goes up on it's side! Oh my gosh, I thought I was gonna blow chunks on EVERYONE! Kayla was having the time of her life as we spun, and spun, and spun, and....well you get the picture. By the time we got off, I knew I was gonna need a bathroom....several times! It took two days for my motion sickness to settle down! I realize now I ain't no spring chicken no more! Just can't ride them rides like I used to!

Since there were so many people there, we only had time for one more ride....Kayla's favorite, The Himalaya! She loves this ride!

After riding the rides, 3 to be exact, we moseyed on over to the outdoor arena for the coolest testimony I have ever heard! Real Encounters, a BMX and skateboard team, came to put on a Youth Rally and share their testimonies about how real God had been in their lives! I think that this was Robert's favorite part of the evening! Here are a few pics from these cool dudes!

I just enjoyed watching Robert's face light up as the guy on the bike started doing all the tricks! It was really neat and a great witnessing tool!

Our last stop of the evening was of course to the Farm Animal Petting Zoo! I swear if we had a farm, Kayla would have every critter known to man to take care of! She loves animals with a passion like I have never seen! She was definitely in her glory, as you can see on her face here with this little baby chick or duck, heck I can't remember! They all look the same to me!

We had such a great time, and like I said, it was free! It's really cool when God helps us find things to do, that stretch our budget and our love of spending time together! If you have a fair coming close to you, then go together and have fun playing around with each other! But, be sure to take the motion sickness medicine BEFORE riding rides, like I should have done!!

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