Thursday, August 28, 2008

Handicraft Wednesdays

Since we have switched to the CM method of teaching, or should I say transitioning into it, I have really begun reading more and more on how to teach them in this fashion. I was reading up on "handicrafts". I love what she says about teaching them arts and crafts are fine, but teaching them handicrafts will benefit them later in life. So we have decided to devote Wednesdays after school as our handicraft time.

This week we did two things on Wednesday. First, Kayla and I finished the top of her quilt! She is so excited that it is almost complete!

It's a little crooked, but she loves it and is very proud of it! She is ready to go pick out her fabric for her bedroom quilt!

Also, yesterday, the kids baked some cookies.....all by themselves! I just stood and supervised!

At first, Robert said, "Aw mom, cooking is for women". I had to remind him that Emeril and Bobby Flay were not women! After a while, he decided that it was fun to cook! I think he had more fun stealing the chocolate chips than anything!

The kids are really excited about learning through CM. They get to get out more, have a more hands on approach to things, and learn to love to learn!

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