Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sewing 101

Kayla and I both have been wanting to learn to quilt for some time now. Just recently, I purchased a really cute Patchwork quilt from The Old Schoolhouse Store for her to "practice" on. When she has completed it, she will have made her dolls this really nice baby blanket! She is totally excited. The kit is really cool too. It comes with all your quilt pieces already precut. It also includes the needles, thread, batting, and your quilt back. All you have to do is sew it together.

A few nights ago, this is what I came across:

I asked her what she was doing. She replied, "Exploring the sewing machine." OOOOOkay.......

She has been on her head to begin, so we finally opened everything up last night. After about 15 minutes of me trying to figure out how to thread the dang machine, I broke down and called a friend who came over and within 5 minutes had us going! Since it was so late, we did not get to start sewing, but we did get started laying out our blocks!

I'll keep you guys posted on our progress of Kayla's quilt! Pray for us as we learn together!!!

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