Saturday, August 23, 2008

Update On Kayla's Doll Quilt

Kayla has really been working hard and doing her very best to put her quilt together! I have to tell you that I am so proud of her for wanting to do this herself. She is striving to become a great little lady of God!

She has fallen in love with sewing! She is so funny! We have a new craft store in town and she is dieing to go there, because her next quilt she wants to make is for her bed. She wants it to be dolphins and horses because those are her two favorite things!

She loves to make things. She is VERY hands on! You can give her anything like this, and as long as you tell her the correct way to do it, she will sit all day long doing it!

I hated to tell her after we got this block done, that some of the edges were off. She said, "I saw that. So the next quilt I make I will be careful and make sure all my edges get matched up!" NO MELTDOWN!!!!! Praise the Lord!!! She is my perfectionist child, so when some of the edges did not match up perfectly, I was waiting for it, but she did not get upset. Maybe we are getting somewhere afterall.....

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