Friday, September 5, 2008

Blogger Friend School 101: Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

Assignment: This would be a good week to tell about your worst struggles with a lifestyle of homeschooling. Tell about something you’ve struggled with and how God’s mercies gave us the strength to get past it. Also, share any curriculum/homeschool methods that have been a relief to you, i.e., a particular Teacher’s Manual or Homeschooling method that’s been easier for your family. Talk about how you felt when the burden was lifted and Oh, What a Relief it is!

The hardest thing for me as a homeschooling parent is standing by day after day watching my husband working to provide for our family and me not helping out financially. I know, I know. I do contribute financially in ways that are unseen, such as clipping coupons, or buying used curriculum. But in my mind I see myself standing by helplessly while he works his fingers to the bone.

You see, my husband and I own our own business and we all know that when we own our own business, money is NEVER stable. This is a tremendous trust factor for me and my hubby. Month after month we have to have total faith and trust in God that He will provide our needs. Sometimes this is really easy, but there are those times when I just get soooo tired of having faith. I tell Stephen all the time....why can't we be like a normal family? Honestly, I don't think I would have it any other way than it is right now....with the exception of mayyyyyybe just a little more spending money.

One of God's most precious scriptures that he uses to speak to me during these times is Psalm 37:25b I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging for bread. I know that when I hold fast, God's mercy and love and grace will flow through our homeschool!

Recently we switched our curriculum to Ambelside Online. This is a more Charlotte Mason approach and I must tell you how amazed I am at how the kids really learn doing things in the style that she lays out. My daughter's penmanship has gotten so much better lately as well as the fact that my son is offering to read to us with out me pressuring or asking him. We started off this year with a traditional textbook approch, but soon found that it just wasn't gonna cut it anymore, so we switched after 3 weeks of school! Can you believe I did that??? I know I am so crazy! But you can not imagine how I felt those three weeks, watching the kids moan and groan when we pulled the school books out. I knew something had to be done and FAST! Now we are studying art, music, Shakespeare, wild animals, astronomy, old history and loving every single minute of it! The kids get excited because they can not wait to see what is gonna happen next in the books that we are reading. That is my favorite thing of all is the sheer joy that I see on their faces! Here is a perfect example of a happy school day!

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