Wednesday, October 1, 2008

BFS: 109 Wacky Week

So, as I am reading this assignment this week, I am wondering.....what the heck am I going to write about that is wacky with us? The problem is not in coming up with something wacky. My problem is in choosing to tell you about WHiCH wacky that has transpired.

You see, I live with 3 really....I do. God had this hilarious sense of humor, that because I have always been this weird control freak of a woman who really doesn't know the idea of fun and wacky, He decided to bless my life with 3 wacky people!

For instance, yesterday my oldest wacky clown, decided to go bike riding. Now most people would love this idea....until you see his idea of riding his bike

Notice anything wacky about this picture? Yep....he took the seat off, so he could ride on the bar......oooookay.

Then on Saturday, at the yard sale that we had, I look outside and this is what I find.

Kayla had gotten the knee pads off the table and found a purse I had out there and was parading around acting like a "buyer" at the yard sale.

The one I love most is my husband's wackiness. He came home from work yesterday and after being home for a little bit, slips into the kids room, gets the nerf gun and decides it is time for a nerf war....which we have quite frequently!

At my house, you never know what kind of wacky is going on!!!

YKCAW GNIEB EVOL I= I love being wacky!!!

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