Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Taking Care of the Birds

Since this is our last week of studying trees, the kids and I found a recipe to make Pinecone Bird Feeders.

This was kinda messy, but the kids really enjoyed getting their hands dirty and making something for the millions of birds and squirrels that we have around our house!When they completed them, we hung them in the trees for the birds to enjoy!I just hope this bird doesn't come! This is a hawk that we have noticed in our neighborhood recently. We also have this really big white owl that lives in the tree right beside our house, but I can never get him to come out so that I can take a picture! The hawk in this picture is bigger than my dog! Stephen says we have to be careful that he could mistake Ruffles for some food and carry him off. I sure hope not!Have a great day!

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