Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ending Our Study on Trees

On Friday of last week, we ended our study on trees by taking a walk through our neighborhood and collecting leaves so that we could practice identifying them.Kayla was having more fun running through the piles. She loves Autumn. It is her favorite time of the year because of leaves and jumping in the piles!

We collected several different specimen of leaves, all different colors, shapes and sizes.

We brought them back to the house and got out our Field Guide from the library on trees. Robert and Kayla were really amazed at all the different types of trees we have in our neighborhood. Robert was really excited because he found a sycamore leaf. To him, seeing that leaf and that tree, was a reminder of Zaccheus and his love for the Lord.Having fun learning is what it is all about! This month we are moving on to insects and we are also going to be studying about the election process as well!!

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