Thursday, October 9, 2008

No Weddings and 2 Funerals

Yesterday I went in to check on the fish since they have been sick with Ich. I noticed that both fish had already begun to lose their fins. I mean literally disenegrating before my very eyes. I called the pet store and I was told they had fin rot along with fungus and something else. I drove to the pet store, got the fungus eliminator and got to work trying desperately to save Kayla's fish.

We got home from church last night. Kayla went in to check on them. She came back into the kitchen, her eyes swollen from all the crying as she told me that they both were almost dead. I held her as she cried and assured her that we would try again in a few days after we clean the tank and get everything set back up. We said a quick prayer for her fish, I read her some of Prince Caspian, and she drifted off into a heavy sleep, from all of the crying.

We woke this morning only to discover that both fish had already died during the night. She allowed me to take them from the tank and flush them down the toilet. I was proud of her that she did not cry anymore this morning. She had already dealt with their deaths the night before and was ready to say goodbye.

I wonder sometimes why things have to be so hard for little ones. I am determined as a parent not to shield my children from these kind of heartaches, because I myself have learned that it is in these heartaches that we learn to trust God more than we ever have before.

I wanted nothing more than to take away her pain, but I knew this was something that she needed to go through in order to grow and be able to deal with disappointments better. I truly feel that this is how God sees things with us as well. He hates it when we have to go through disappointments, and would love nothing more than to remove those heartaches from us, but in order for us to grow in faith, we have to go through some disappointing times in our lives.

Pray for her as she gets herself prepared for 2 more fish.

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