Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Study of Turkey

This past week we finished up our study of Turkey. I think it was really cool, because our homeschool group had a History/Geography Fair on the last day that we were studying Turkey. The kids worked during our whole time studying this country on their project that they were going to present.

They worked together on this project instead of the two of them doing seperate projects. I think this was good for them, because it taught them both how to compile information as a team, but they also worked on what they wanted to do seperately. For instance, Kayla wanted to talk about Fairy Chimneys so her side of the board looked like this:

Robert wanted to talk about beehive houses, so his side looked like this:

While Robert did all the more complicated map work, such as locating produce grown, population, and other things, Kayla took care of labeling the oceans, rivers, and seas. She also decorated some tiles so that people could see that in Turkey they make elaborate tiles for their houses.

She labeled them hearts of wonder, and sunburst.

Now we are off to visit Israel!

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