Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2 Peas in a Pod

Have you ever seen two boys look so handsome? As I sit here and write this, the days are ticking until Robert will be 14! 14 PEOPLE!!!!! I still remember how small he was the day we brought him home.

He is growing up so fast, but still loves to play with his sister. He loves to maker her laugh! Every day that I am alive, I can not thank God enough for putting this sweet adorable young man into our lives. He is one of the best friends I have. I love talking to him and sharing with him, and most of all laughing and snuggling him. (Yes ladies, almost 14 and STILL loves to snuggle!) (Now, don't be getting jealous now! )

Robert loves homeschooling more than any kid I know. He usually tries to do his very best and has recently taken up reading! Yes, you heard me. READING! You know, the boy who I told you about a year ago who hated to read is now reading freely! In fact, right now, he is reading War of The Worlds. I am amazed at the change in him just in the time we have left the public and private schools and started homeschooling.

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